About the stay

Check-in and Check-out

Check in: from 14:30 to 21:30
Check out: form 6:00 to 10:30
On request,it is possible to anticipate check-in at no extra costs.
On request, it is possible to postpone check-out with additional costs.
It is extremely important to communicate in advance the time of arrival . We do not have the H24 reception.

Courtesy set and room amenities

All rooms are equipped with:

  • Shower trays
  • Middle Towels
  • Towels
  • Shower mat
  • Shower gel vials
  • Shampoo vials
  • Shower Heads (on availability)
  • 1 hairdryer
  • Iron (on request)
  • Ironing board (on request)

Home cleaning

In the Bouganville B & B there is a daily cleaning service. At breakfast We do not ask guests  to wash anything but simply to clean the table leaving it free for other guests in the house.
Room service is done on alternate days. Guests are kindly requested to pay attention to their own linens and to place the dirty towels in the shower so that staff can change their clothes.

Differentiated collection – care of the environment

B & B Bouganville  pays attention to the care of the environment and as foreseen by the city of Salerno is carried out separate collection. There are therefore present

  • A large basket where you can throw the undifferentiated (all the dirt including paper, cardboard and plastic)
  • A middle basket where you can throw clean plastic and  aluminum (Plastic cups or washed yogurt jars)
  • A middle basket for paper
  • A small basket for the organic (breakfast residues, fruit etc)

During the check-in you will be informed. We do not like to buy so much plastic so that we can bring water to the room. We recommend using the special glass jars next to the free water dispenser.