#unavitadahost holds a world, a life in contact with people, a work turned into passion.

My name is Mara and in the last few years the sentence I said most often was “Hello, I’m glad to meet you!”

Everything was born in 2014 when, together with my boyfriend Alex, we decided to start looking for a house in Salerno and change it into a bed and breakfast. It seemed a pretty idea and the thought of building something new in a as beautiful city as Salerno has thrilled us right away.

And that is how the B&B Bouganville was born!

What happened then went beyond any expectation…

I throw myself headlong in this new adventure: the art of welcoming and I’m almost gone, like a whirl that picks you up and you can not help it anymore … a virtuous circle of smiles, eyes and handshakes. Each time a different tale, a new emotion to share.

The world we have met through these years in our “home” has changed myself. The ongoing talk with so many different cultures allows me to push my boundaries and constantly to change my point of view. This is the real meaning of being Host. This is what makes me happy and free to manage my time.

I always say it’s like traveling comfortably sitting on your couch… there’s just to wait for someone ringing the doorbell!